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Our partner producers are fully committed to fair labour and sustainability practices.

Experience the Luxury of Space.

Daphne is 1m58 and wears the unisex organic cotton shirt in size small.

Chalet Teredo in Verbier, part of the Verbier Exclusive portfolio.


Meet Levison Wood. An ever-exploring mind, a keen taste for style, and a generous heart. We are proud for Levison to represent our brand and our values.

Levison is a best-selling author and photographer who has worked and travelled in over 100 countries & has written eleven best-selling books. He has produced many critically acclaimed documentaries which have aired around the world.

Levison is an elected Fellow of both the Royal Geographical Society and the Explorers Club. He is an ambassador and patron for a number of charities including UNICEF.

In addition to being an ambassador for Emerald Stay, Levison is also an ambassador for LEICA, the pinnacle of photography, and luxury watch brand IWC.


We are architects of experience, creators of memories that linger long after
the journey takes you home.

We curate extraordinary moments that live in the tiniest details and the
widest vistas. From the delicate clink of wine glasses to the reflection of
light from snow-covered peaks, we share our art de vivre.

Fostering a camaraderie among our community of like-minded adventurers,
we bring a spirit of authenticity to the connections we forge with both
people and the places we inhabit.

To our global family, true luxury is beyond impeccable finishes and
immaculate design. In a world where time is most precious, we offer the
rarest luxury of all: space.
Space for body and mind to relax, and experience ultimate ease.

This is Emerald Stay. Where every moment becomes a masterpiece.